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Nokia Tutorial

Using Your eMobile Phone
Turn on your handset. The phone will now sync your handset with the eMobile SIM Card. Always ensure that the handset has connected to one of our partners in the country you are travelling in. Please refer to the eMobile User Guide for additional information on making/receiving calls, texts and data setup.
Placing Calls
1. Dialing format: + Country Code Area Code Phone Number


Calling to USA (Country Code = 1) + 1 212 555 5555

Calling to France (Country Code = 33) +33 201 333 4444

2: Press the SEND key

3: You will see a message Call in process.

4: Within 3-5 seconds your phone will ring, signalling the call is ready to be put through

5: Press Answer and your phone will ring the requested party. (Please note when you answer the call back that is when the call is being deployed to the destination.)

Receiving Calls

Press the SEND/ACCEPT button.

Voice Mail
Voicemail is automatically enabled on your account.

To set-up and to access your voicemail, dial +1 315 333 7777 from any mobile or landline phone.. Call charges apply.

  • Your mailbox number is your SMS number (324 xxxx xxxx).
  • Your temporary password is your SMS number (324 xxxx xxxx), you can now change to a password of your choice

Note: If you do not change your temporary password you will be forced to configure again next time you call in to check messages.

Follow the prompts and record your message

To retrieve your messages

Dial 315 333 7777 from any mobile or landline phone

Enter your password and follow the prompts.

Data Not Available
Text Messaging (SMS)
Sending text messages from a eMobile SIM Card

Texting format: + Country Code Area Code Phone Number


Texting to a USA cell phone (Country Code USA- 1) + 1 212 555 5555

Texting to French cell phone (Country Code- 33) + 33 333 444 4444

As with the dialing out format you must use the + sign, do not dial 011 or 001

Receiving text messages an eMobile SIM Card

You will get a notification on your handset advising you of and incoming text.

Please note your SMS number is the Belgium number that has been assigned to your SIM card( Example 324917853335) this is the number you must give out to people who want to contact you via SMS.

Troubleshooting Tips
Change Networks

In every country, there are multiple networks providing service. The eMobile phone will auto-connect to the first network it sees, but it isn’t always the best network for eMobile service. If you experience any difficulties placing or receiving calls, simply change networks and service will be restored.

Menu>Settings>Operator Selection>SIM 1>Manual> Select New Network

For any other device please contact eMobile Support at and a Client Care Representative will assist you.

SIM Reset
A. Remove the battery ( if handset allows ) & SIM card

B. Replace the battery without the SIM card

C. Turn your phone on (your phone may display an Insert SIM message)

D. Wait 15 seconds and turn your phone off

E. Reinsert Battery ( if needed ) and SIM Card

F. Turn your phone back on

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