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NGC Nokia 2018 User Guide

Congratulations on choosing eMobile

In a few easy steps, you will be able to place and receive phone calls when you travel for a fraction of the cost of
other mobile phone carriers

Using Your eMobileTM Phone

Turn on your phone and enter PIN code 1111

Placing Calls

  1. Dialing format: + CountryCode AreaCode PhoneNumber (include the PLUS symbol)
    Calling to USA (CountryCode = 1) +1 xxx xxx xxxx
    Calling to France (CountryCode = 33) +33 x xxxx xxxx
    Note: To enter the [+] symbol, locate it on your handset keypad. For most handsets it will be written on the [0] button. Then press and hold that button for a couple of seconds for the [+] symbol to appear.
  2. Press the SEND key
  3. You will see a message "Please Wait", "Callback Requested" or similar. You can ignore.
  4. Within 10 seconds your phone will ring, signalling the call is ready to be put through
  5. Press SEND again and your phone will ring the requested party.

Receiving Calls

Press the SEND/ACCEPT button.

Voice Mail

To set-up and to access your voicemail, dial +1 315 333 7777 from any landline, mobile or eMobile
phone, and follow the instructions. Call charges will apply.

  • Your mailbox number is your SMS number (324 xxxx xxxx) ; this is only required if you call from a
    non-eMobile phone.
  • Your temporary password is your SMS number (324 xxxx xxxx #)
    Note: If you do not change your temporary password you will be forced to configure again next time
    you call in to check messages.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Sending text messages FROM an eMobileTM Phone
Texting format: + CountryCode AreaCode PhoneNumber

Texting to a USA cell phone (CountryCode = 1) +1 xxx xxx xxxx
Texting to French cell phone (CountryCode = 33) +33 x xxxx xxxx
Your eMobileTM SMS number will be displayed on your outgoing SMS messages.

Sending text messages TO a eMobileTM Phone

Text messages can only be sent to your assigned SMS number.
Texting format: To send a text message TO a eMobileTM phone from a:
North American cell phone: 011 324 xxxx xxxx
Non-North American cell phone: +324 xxxx xxxx
eMobileTM phone: +324 xxxx xxxx

Troubleshooting Tips

Changing Networks

In every country, there are multiple networks providing service. The eMobileTM phone will auto-connect to the first
network it sees, but it isn’t always the best network for eMobileTM service. If you experience any difficulties placing or
receiving calls, simply change networks and service will be restored.

Nokia 208: Menu » Settings » Operator Selection » SIM 1 » Manual » Select New Network
LG-A165: Menu » Setting » Network » Network Selection » New Search

For any other device please contact eMobile Support at and a Client Care Representative will assist you.

SIM Reset

  1. With your phone switched on, remove the battery
  2. Remove the SIM card
  3. Replace the battery without the SIM card
  4. Turn your phone on
  5. Your phone may display an Insert SIM message
  6. Wait 15 seconds and turn your phone off
  7. Remove the battery and replace the SIM and battery
  8. Turn your phone back on

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